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20 August 2020, 10:43

Opinion: Coordination Council of Belarus' opposition is senseless and illegal

Vladimir Mamontov. An archive photo
Vladimir Mamontov. An archive photo

MOSCOW, 20 August (BelTA) – The activities of the Coordination Council set up by the Belarusian opposition senseless and illegal, well-known Russian journalist, Director General of the Govorit Moskva radio station Vladimir Mamontov said in an interview with BelTA.

“The Coordination Council is an absolutely senseless and illegal thing. Nothing should be given to these people. You can talk to them through gritted teeth if you come across them, you can comment on it somehow, but you cannot go to them and negotiate something with them as these people have no legitimacy, no grounds to consider themselves someone,” he said.

Vladimir Mamontov believes that there are other ways to restore national accord in the country. “One should talk to those who really want to restore the national harmony. The one who will do it, will do a good thing,” he noted.

The journalist is convinced that various forces are working against Belarus now. "There are several of them. They are working very seriously, but in different directions," he said. “I think that there is a serious struggle against Belarus, and also against Russia. This is a technology, there is nothing new and surprising here, a color revolution in a certain sense. These are the technologies of color revolutions: we can see them, they are used, they are tested out. We know and understand where they come from and who use them. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko speaks frankly about it, and many analysts take note of this. It is all there, and it works quite successfully, especially with regard to young people. They apply various publicity stunts, such as calls on people to go to their school and throw away their certificates of merits in protest, or other such things, something bright and memorable. Such hype appeals to young people. Of course, there are more serious things, especially among those who started protesting after the election. There were also provocateurs, there were also people who are really passionate about such street clashes. There are people who are absolutely motivated.”

“To sum it up, there are, let's say, global forces that are working in Belarus today. Their goal is to minimize Belarus. Then they will set their eyes on Russia. They will have a harder time here, but still,” Vladimir Mamontov noted.

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