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11 July 2022, 11:51

MP: West has never seen Belarus as a partner, only as a vassal

Andrei Savinykh. File photo
Andrei Savinykh. File photo

MINSK, 11 July (BelTA) - The West has never seen Belarus as a partner, only as a vassal, Andrei Savinykh, Chairman of the Standing Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives of Belarus, said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel on 9 July, BelTA has learned.

"The president's address was meant not only for Ukraine. It was a clear signal to NATO. It is about a very simple and understandable thought: Belarusians will never attack first. But if they do, this will be an ontological conflict. We will fight till the end. It is a message that excludes any manipulation. It's crisp and clear. They will not be able to say later that they didn't get the memo. This address sends the message that if someone crosses this red line, then all responsibility will lie solely with them. This is the main idea," Andrei Savinykh said.

In his opinion, all the talk about the balance in Belarus' relations with Russia and the West is a myth. "The Western metropolis tried, to a certain extent, to reduce the level of resistance of a large number of countries, not only that of Belarus. The West has built a hierarchical world. It sucked up material, financial and human resources. In order for us not to resist, they conjured up cognitive technologies, myths about cooperation, myths about some kind of interaction. All this was aimed at reducing the level of resistance, so that we did not see a way out of the real problem. It worked well. But over time, all the contradictions came to surface. The West has never seen us as partners, only vassals," Andrei Savinykh concluded.

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