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06 December 2021, 13:49

MP: If USA deploys nuclear weapons near Belarusian border, our response will not be long in coming

MINSK, 6 December (BelTA) - If the United States deploys nuclear weapons near the Belarusian border, our response will not be long in coming, Igor Khlobukin, a member of the House of Representatives, told BelTA.

“Further military buildup near the borders of Belarus, the growing military-political risks and threats give our country the right for the head of state as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces to ask Russia to deploy modern means of defense and strategic deterrence in Belarus. This should not surprise anyone, because the system of checks and balances, including in defense, is one of the ways to protect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of any country. We all remember how in the 1990s the United States, European countries and the North Atlantic Alliance guaranteed permanent, complete and unconditional security for the then young Belarusian state in exchange for the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from our territory to the Russian Federation," the MP said. “Almost 30 years on, all these agreements have been nullified and security promises quickly forgotten. At the same time, our military-strategic and operational-tactical cooperation with Russia implies that we do not just observe the ongoing processes, but also that we support each other and adopt adequate response measures.

According to Igor Khlobukin, if the United States deploys nuclear weapons near the borders of Belarus, our response should not be long in coming. "We will be in our right to ask Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in our territory. I believe that this can be a modern deterrent weapon, with short-range nuclear capability, which will be strictly in line with our defensive military doctrine. In this regard, the proposals of the public to exclude the provisions to make the territory a nuclear-free zone from the Belarusian Constitution are more relevant than ever. Today everyone in the world understands that there will never be a full-scale use of nuclear weapons, as it will affect all warring parties without exception. There is no hiding either across the ocean or in any kind of a bunker. I am sure however that we must have the ability to retaliate. We have preserved the military infrastructure of the Soviet strategic missile forces,” the MP said.

He believes that the aggravation of the situation, a new round of arms race and militarization of the European continent is economically advantageous primarily for the United States as one of the world's players in the market of military equipment and armaments. “Financial and industrial groups and tycoons want their governments to increase budget financing for the defense sector, to give more loans to other countries, including for the supply of modern weapons. The purpose of all this is to build up tensions, to promote the unilateral intransigent sanctions policy, to distract their populations from internal problems, to fuel the arms race, to avoid defaults and as a result, to rake in more financial gains. We will ensure security in the region together with Russia by expanding the dialogue with all the progressive forces and international organizations to de-escalate military threats, by strengthening allied relations through a higher level of integration in the Union State, including a wide range of defense cooperation, in the interests of the citizens of Belarus and Russia. This has always been the case and will continue to be so in the future,” Igor Khlobukin said.

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