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13 July 2022, 18:12

MP comments on bill to ease Belarusian citizenship requirements for Ukrainians, Balts, Poles

Oleg Gaidukevich
Oleg Gaidukevich

MINSK, 13 July (BelTA) – Belarus pursues an honest policy and welcomes honest Europeans, Oleg Gaidukevich, a member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, told the media in Minsk on 13 July, BelTA has learned.

"Being the deputy chairman of the International Affairs Committee, the leader of the party, I have met with the delegations of Austria and Lithuania over the past two weeks. Even these people say they would want to buy an apartment and live here. I ask why? They say: you have freedom. How does this manifest? You have a good COVID response, you are not locking people inside their homes. People who stand for family values and want to have a regular family are not canceled. Streets are clean, there is no garbage. They say: there is no freedom in the West, it is pseudo-freedom," said Oleg Gaidukevich. “In the wake of the special operation, the sanctions war, people are starting to face gas, electricity supplies. They already pay more than half of the income to pay for utilities. People want to move here. This is true."

The Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus will submit a bill to ease the Belarusian citizenship requirements for citizens of Ukraine, the Baltic states, and Poland. It is expected to be considered at the autumn session of the parliament. “I believe that the easier citizenship rules for our neighbors will contribute to bettering relations between peoples. We show a lot with this. You say we are an aggressive state. It's you who are aggressive. It is you who forbid your people to visit us. Why? In our country, people can take a walk at night, unlike, for example, in Berlin," the MP said. “On the other hand, we need to respond in a harsh fashion to those who call for bombing Belarus. It's scary. Our self-exiled opposition members are already openly talking about this, they are talking about military aggression towards our country. I believe that we should respond very harshly," the MP said.

"We will continue to pursue an honest policy, and honest citizens, Europeans, neighbors of our country, are welcome in out country. I think this bill will make us even more open. They can isolate themselves, but they will never isolate Belarus," added Oleg Gaidukevich.

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