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06 June 2022, 14:24

Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees heinous goals behind another package of sanctions against Belarus

Anatoly Glaz. An archive photo
Anatoly Glaz. An archive photo

MINSK, 6 June (BelTA) – The key goal of the European Union's hybrid aggression is to choke Belarusians, subdue their will, and deprive them of sovereignty by replacing it with images and candy wrappers. Press Secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Glaz made the statement in response to yet another package of sanctions adopted by the European Union against Belarus, BelTA has learned.

Anatoly Glaz said: “It is understandable that the key goal of the European Union's hybrid aggression is to choke Belarusians, subdue their will, and deprive them of sovereignty by replacing it with images and candy wrappers. It was originally quixotic but now it is quite comical. The sooner the European officials, who are still capable of critical thinking, come to realize it, the fewer global disasters they will commit.”

The official remarked that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calmly examined this package of sanctions. “As a matter of principle, we can see clear logic in actions of European bureaucrats. If they talk about values and freedom of movement, then they ban flights altogether. If they talk about better mobility, then they close borders and stop issuing visas, prohibit freight shipping and leave logistic companies and their workers to fend for themselves. If they talk about freedom of speech, then they prohibit reporters and mass media with an alternative point of view,” Anatoly Glaz said.

When the European Union started actively resolving the problem of world hunger with words, the introduction of sanctions against the world's largest producer of potash fertilizers was only to be expected, Anatoly Glaz stated. “This time they will not be able to dodge responsibility. We are going to constantly remind them that European Union officials are to blame for the worsening world hunger problem due to the shortage of fertilizers, for the rising number of victims of this disaster,” he said.

“The head of the Central Election Commission has been included into the sanction lists for organizing a referendum the European Union didn't even monitor. What is it? I can tell you it is a primitive attempt to force us to abide by their will. A futile attempt in our reality,” he stressed.

In his words, sanctions against the public transport manufacturer OAO Belkommunmash speak for themselves. “It corresponds to the main goal of all the sanction packages – to worsen the life of ordinary people as much as possible. Since they failed to achieve anything in the past, they went and targeted public transportation. I am glad because after such steps the European Union's image in the eyes of ordinary Belarusians is acquiring its true form,” Anatoly Glaz noted.

He also congratulated his colleague reporters, who are also affected by the sanctions: “It means they are free from foreign diktat, are capable of resisting made-to-order mainstream and guarantee the pluralism of opinions that the European Union says it cares so much about.”

The press secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded that unilateral coercive measures directly violate international law and run contrary to commitments of the European Union member states within the framework of universal and regional international organizations such as the United Nations Organization and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

“The Belarusian side will give adequate answers to all the unfriendly steps. Just like in previous situations the country's leadership will take effective measures to prevent these acts of economic aggression from affecting lives of Belarusians,” Anatoly Glaz assured. “Many issues could be certainly discussed and resolved within the framework of an equal constructive dialogue. The European Union is well aware of our terms and expectations regarding the start of the dialogue.”

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