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06 April 2022, 16:36

MFA: West's measures against Belarus directly affect Europe itself

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 6 April (BelTA) - Measures of Western countries against Belarus directly affect Europe itself and go far beyond its borders, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yuri Ambrazevich said as he spoke at a session of the High-Level Policy Segment of the 2022 UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development on 6 April, BelTA has learned.

“The very notion of security has exceedingly complex meaning now and includes multiple components. Let me quote one example of this complicated interrelation. Guided by their own security interests, the governments of the USA, UK, NATO and EU countries are trying to steer the political development of the Belarusian society in a way that meets interests of the Western elite. With this in mind they are trying to slow down economic development of Belarus, invoke displeasure of the general public, and use economic sanctions against our country. Ordinary people in the USA and Europe are told that those are selective measures, that they target representatives of ‘the regime',” the Belarusian deputy minister of foreign affairs said.

According to Yuri Ambrazevich, “all of it is certainly an absolute lie and already affects the sphere of information security”.

“Moreover, everyone in the world should understand that measures of Western countries against Belarus directly affect Europe itself and go far beyond its borders. The collective West has enforced sanctions against Belarusian potash fertilizers which share on the global market stands at 20%. But it failed to take into account the fact that Belarus is a top food security country. We are essentially self-sufficient in this regard,” the deputy minister said.

In his words, Belarusians will not starve due to this thoughtless measure enforced by the West. Ordinary people will, primarily in developing countries. Due to the lack of these fertilizers they will be unable to grow cereals, rice, or peanuts.

In Europe and even the USA the shortage of potash fertilizers from such a seemingly distant country Belarus is directly contributes to record-high inflation and falling living standards of ordinary people, the deputy minister concluded.

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