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09 August 2022, 16:52

MFA comments on West's statements on Belarus' presidential election anniversary

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 9 August (BelTA) – The European Union and other Western countries should stop the irresponsible and dead-end anti-Belarusian policy, abandon pressure and sanctions, and return to a substantive dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation, reads the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus issued in connection with the response of the EU and the USA to the second anniversary of the presidential election in Belarus, BelTA informs.

“The European Union and some Western countries have used another anniversary of the presidential election in the Republic of Belarus as an occasion to make a number of insulting and unfounded accusations against the sovereign and independent Belarusian state,” the statement reads. “It is absolutely obvious that neither Brussels or Washington should assess the level of legitimacy of the government of the Republic of Belarus. This is the prerogative of the Belarusian people who two years ago showed their unequivocal support for the incumbent leader and his policy of maintaining peace and stability, progressive economic development and improving the welfare of people,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted.

According to the ministry, the collective West is de facto doing everything to economically stifle Belarus, to force it to abandon its own development path under the cover of bombastic statements about strengthening the sovereignty and independence of Belarus, protecting human rights.

“The illegitimate economic sanctions imposed by Western countries bypassing the UN Security Council, as well as the aviation embargo run afoul of international law, grossly violate social and economic rights of people, not to mention the fundamental principles of a market economy. At the same time, on a global scale Western sanctions provoke a global food crisis, hurt the people of the countries that initiated these restrictive measures,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed.

However, Western politicians do not seem to care about these problems, they are more concerned about pursuing their own exorbitant geopolitical ambitions, rather than solving the pressing problems of their people,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes.

“We absolutely condemn the Western interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign Belarus in the form of open support and financing of opponents of the legitimate government. Pandering to extremists from among the Belarusian opposition has led to a situation when this opposition makes increasingly insane calls for a violent overthrow of the government. We strongly urge the EU and other Western countries to stop the irresponsible and dead-end anti-Belarusian policy, to abandon pressure and sanctions, to return to substantive dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation,” the statement reads.

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