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02 May 2024, 13:21

Medvedchuk: Those responsible for Odessa tragedy are known and must be punished

Photo courtesy of TASS
Photo courtesy of TASS
MOSCOW, 2 May (BelTA) - Viktor Medvedchuk, former leader of the Opposition Platform-For Life party who now leads the Other Ukraine movement, has exposed who was behind the 2 May 2014 tragedy in Odessa in an exclusive interview with the Russian news agency TASS.

He recalled that 48 people were killed in a terrible tragedy 10 years ago. It will be remembered on 2 May in Russia and Ukraine. The politician noted that the Russian authorities have repeatedly called on the international community to ensure that the Ukrainian authorities conduct a full and transparent investigation into the circumstances of that crime.

Viktor Medvedchuk pointed out that in a premeditated act of intimidation, the Kiev regime led by the then acting Ukrainian President Alexander Turchinov burned people alive inside Odessa’s Trade Union House. “Ten days before the tragedy, Turchinov chaired a meeting on preparations for the mass murder of coup opponents in Odessa,” Viktor Medvedchuk said. The organizers of the tragedy were not only the Ukrainian authorities but also "external forces that still rule Ukraine, only this time Zelensky’s Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk pointed out. It is the West that does not allow the Ukrainian conflict to fade away, as it is interested in it.

"The collective West, primarily the United States, has introduced violence and the murder of opponents as the norm of the political process. Washington has revived the principle of the founder of the Italian fascism Mussolini ‘To my friends, everything; to my enemies, the law’, the politician said.

This is no secret now that America’s defense sector is capitalizing on the death of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and NATO has received a possibility to drain money from Europe, Viktor Medvedchuk said. He believes that "they are seeking to throw people from Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, and France "into the fire of war”. “They are clearing the way for this, since the Ukrainians are running out while the scheme of turning their deaths into America’s profits is waiting for new victims," Viktor Medvedchuk noted.

Those who organized, led and participated in the operation to burn people alive on 2 May 2014, must be brought to justice in Odessa, the politician added.

On 2 May 2014 the Maidan supporters attacked a tent encampment of those who opposed the policy of the Ukrainian authorities at Odessa’s Kulikovo Field public park. Some took refuge inside the nearby Trade Union House but the radicals surrounded the building and set it on fire. According to official data, 42 people were burned alive and six more were killed in the streets. 

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