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27 September 2021, 15:44

Makei talks about confidential meetings with Europeans, their opinions of Belarusian opposition

Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo

MINSK, 27 September (BelTA) – Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei held more than 20 meetings with representatives of various countries, including European ones, on the sidelines of the 76th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization. Vladimir Makei talked about these meetings during an online media briefing, the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told BelTA.

The official said: “A number of meetings with Europeans have been held. We've talked briefly about some of them. Some of them were confidential upon requests of my colleagues. I cannot reveal the details. But I would like to say that the meetings were very important and necessary. I realized that a mutual desire and eagerness to talk to each other are necessary.”

Vladimir Makei noted: “Some of my European colleagues totally do not understand what is going on in Belarus and do not think outside the box. When one starts citing specific examples that disprove the established views, smart people understand them but some people continue reading aloud what is written on their piece of paper.”

In his words, the foreign colleagues were informed about the situation in the country and about prospects of advancement of the constitutional process. “We've explained our point of view, which says that only an evolutionary way of development can secure success in the development of the state and the civil society, can lead to genuine democracy that so many care for. Virtually all my European colleagues agreed with that,” the Belarusian minister of foreign affairs stressed.

Vladimir Makei also said that during the meetings the European colleagues expressed confidential opinions about the well-known “madam”, who had fled from Belarus, and other colleagues of hers – “children of the revolution”. “I'd like to say word for word that it is estimated that the ‘madam' and her colleagues are feeling very nervous considering that no promises of theirs are likely to come true, the state continues developing. This is why they constantly call for new sanctions, for stronger pressure on our country, for the organization of some international forums focused on Belarus for the sake of internationalizing the Belarusian problem in the international arena and so on and so forth,” Vladimir Makei said.

Vladimir Makei concluded that many people are rather skeptical about chances and the work of the “children of the revolution”, but unfortunately considering the public opinion in their countries they cannot openly talk about. Instead they are forced to take some steps, which supposedly testify to their support for efforts of these “children of the revolution”.

Vladimir Makei stressed: “Our stance in this regard is unambiguous: we will do everything for the Belarusian state to develop. Despite the sanction-based pressure measures that have been implemented we will do everything to prevent the downfall of the economy and ensure a decent life for our people. The government has repeatedly discussed these matters. I've clearly told my colleagues that regardless of how hard someone may try to destroy Belarus, they will be unable to destroy the Belarusian economy. They have to understand that the government will do everything to ensure a decent life for its citizens, to preserve statehood.”

Vladimir Makei said he hopes that after the meetings, after open and sincere talks to the colleagues, something will remain and will allow maintaining contacts on the basis of this stronger understanding later on.

“But I am a realist and understand that changes need time. Some time may be required for everyone to understand the need for a dialogue, the need to build normal interstate relations. Unfortunately, after requesting a meeting some colleagues refused to meet later on just like my Polish counterpart did. Although there are things worth talking about. As a result of the conversation we could work out some specific avenues of cooperation. But it is also an indicator of how they want to address the problems that are on the agenda and need to be resolved,” the Belarusian minister of foreign affairs concluded.

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