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26 June 2020, 14:29

Makei shares vision of relations with EU after Belarus' presidential election

Vladimir Makei speaks
Vladimir Makei speaks

MINSK, 26 June (BelTA) – Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei commented on the recent developments in the country and shared his vision of possible directions the relations with the European Union and other countries might take after the presidential election in Belarus, BelTA has learned.

The foreign minister told reporters that ‘street actions' cannot change the situation in the country. “I am confident (and you can hardly argue with it) that over the recent four or five years after the relations with the EU and other western states started improving, we have achieved more than over the previous 16 years of sanctions. We are taking meaningful action to diversify our foreign policy and trade, however if things take an undesirable turn, it will erode all the gains. No one wants it, no one will benefit from it,” Vladimir Makei said.

In his words, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining “a very close and meaningful dialogue with the European Union”. “Of course, they voice their concerns [regarding the recent events related to the electoral process]. We voice our official view on these matters. I ask them only one thing when they analyze the situation in Belarus - to rely on objective analysis before submitting proposals to their national authorities,” he stressed.

Vladimir Makei noted that some are trying to draw parallels between what is happening now and the events of 2010. “I assure you that the regime is strong and calm and that we are sure that the situation will be under control. I understand that after this there will be a barrage of criticism directed personally against me and I will once again be included in the list of ‘the enemies of progressive humanity', but nonetheless. If we still face the undesirable events that will throw us back to 2010, there will be no third thaw. Restoring normal relations with other countries will take much longer than after 2010,” the minister noted.

The minister stressed that Belarus is interested in maintaining constructive relations with other countries. “I am convinced that the society should be interested in this as well. This will allow us to move much faster in various areas, in improving the legislation and the political system," he said.

Vladimir Makei also commented on the ongoing domestic developments in Belarus, in particular, arrest of some people running Telegram channels. He noted that such matters should be addressed by corresponding agencies. In his words, there is information that gives ground to believe that some events did not happen spontaneously, but were masterminded. The situation was fueled by hoaxes which number has recently increased. “A great number of canards, as the president said yesterday, prompt people to take to the streets. Some of your colleagues from independent mass media, Telegram channels tell us bashfully and unofficially that they are offered money for posting certain information about certain persons. I will not name the names, but we know them,” the minister said.

The diplomat admitted that he is curious to learn ‘secret news' about himself in Telegram channels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to respond to one of the recent fake news officially. The matter is about the information about the alleged deposit in the name of one of the president's sons in a Swiss bank. “The bank has already denied this information but we have yet formally asked the Swiss side to provide us with this information," he said.

“Those who throw in such news are, probably, guided by how things are in their countries. It is no secret that in many states power is associated with enrichment. I would like to say that this is not the case for Belarus and will not be as long as the current government is in power,” the minister added.

In addition, the minister urged to use such concepts as ‘political prisoners' more carefully and to take into account the information from the law enforcement about the illegal actions of some individuals. “If some actions were taken [by law enforcement officers] they were probably warranted," he said. “For sure, all cons and pros were weighed and the appropriate decision was made,” he added.

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