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25 April 2022, 10:45

Lithuanian politician: Future belongs to Eurasia

MINSK, 25 April (BelTA) - Lithuanian politician and journalist Algirdas Paleckis said that the sanctions only contribute to rapprochement with the East as he spoke about the development of Belarus and Russia under sanctions, BelTA has learned.

“Recent months have strengthened my opinion that Russia's parting with the West, where the hegemon is the United States, has happened for good. The United States, as the dominant country in the West, cannot accept the loss of its position. When the USA weakens or is destroyed by some of its internal conflicts, Russia will probably be able to return to normal relations with the countries of the West,” Algirdas Paleckis believes.

In his words, the UK occupies one of the dominant positions among the countries of the collective West, too. “Let's call them Anglo-Saxons. Which of your admirals said that the only thing worse than conflict with the Anglo-Saxons can be friendship with them. You need to have no illusions about them. The main thing is for the West to disengage, for the German and Romanic countries to disengage. This conceit of taking over the world was knocked off them a long time ago. Back when they got theirs during the big wars. The United States did not have their lesson yet,” said the politician.

He once again stressed that it was impossible for Russia to return to normal relations with the West as long as the USA occupies a dominant position. “Russia is right to turn to other regions. To the south, to the east. Asia is the future of the 21st century. Most of the population already lives there now. Sanctions only help to bring Russia and the East closer together. They help import substitution and the development of domestic products in Belarus and Russia. This is the prospect of the Eurasian region. This includes natural resources, a large part of the population, and common culture. The prices are rising in the West because they are not accustomed to live without Russian resources. They are starting to split on the religious basis, because the Muslim population is growing there,” the politician concluded.

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