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29 March 2022, 13:17

Kochanova: CIS Inter-Parliamentary is respected international organization

MINSK, 29 March (BelTA) - The CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly rightfully has a reputation as an authoritative international organization, Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova said during the solemn meeting of the IPA CIS Council in Almaty, BelTA has learned.

"Today, the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly rightfully enjoys a reputation as an authoritative international organization where each participating country can convey its position and where its voice will be heard," Natalya Kochanova said. “One of the key tasks of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly is to approximate the legal systems of the CIS member states and to set up the conditions for comprehensive integration on the basis of model legislative acts and recommendations. At this stage, the relations of the post-Soviet independent states require common and coordinated approaches in order to strengthen international security and lay down the legal foundations of the common economic space in the CIS.

The speaker noted that the CIS IPU's efforts in this area have yielded results. To date, about 600 model laws and other acts have been adopted. Continuous monitoring confirms that these documents have played an important role in the legal systems of the CIS member states: the norms of more than 70% of them have been implemented in the legislation of the countries, and about 10% contain provisions that coincide with national laws.

"Thanks to model lawmaking the legal systems of the CIS member states have been developing in the same direction. It is an important element for the formation of the uniform legal standards in the CIS. The process enables us to adopt the best international legal and national practices, which gives every reason to call the model legislation as the benchmark one,” Natalya Kochanova noted. “It also serves as a rapid and flexible means of responding and adapting to a changing environment, a kind of diplomatic tool for solving emerging problems. Even in the absence of a direct mechanism for integrating the model legislation into the national one, it help the MPs to learn more, exchange ideas and best practices. About two-thirds of all IPU's model acts are developed with the support of the Russian programs."

Natalya Kochanova stressed that the IPU activities are not limited to lawmaking and protocol events. "Many initiatives of the IPU, including the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the Nevsky International Environmental Congress, the Children of the CIS Forum, the Eurasian Women's Forum, have grown into full-fledged international movements. This indicates that in addressing global problems the IPU acts as a consolidating force and can help remove any barriers between different regions and continents," she said.

The speaker added that the CIS IPA contributes towards the strengthening of friendly ties among young people, strives to create a solid foundation for constructive interaction of the younger generation in absolutely all areas.

"The cooperation of our parliamentary delegations in the CIS IPA can be an example for MPs around the world how to build a cultural dialogue on the principles of mutual trust, respect and sovereign equality, which is so lacking in today's rapidly changing world," Natalya Kochanova stated.

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