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16 August 2022, 11:41

Khrenin: Confrontation between West, East enters hot phase

MOSCOW, 16 August (BelTA) - Global confrontation between the West and the East has entered a hot phase, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said as he addressed the tenth edition of the Moscow Conference on International Security in the Russian capital on 16 August, BelTA has learned.

"At last year's conference, we talked about the start of the global proxy war for the future world order. Today we can state that the war has entered a hot phase," Viktor Khrenin said.

"It is our deep conviction that the special military operation that Russia had to launch on the territory of Ukraine is not another local military conflict. This is an external manifestation of the global civilizational confrontation between the West and the East. We are in absolute solidarity with our Russian colleagues on this. They have outlined their vision of what is happening in recent publications on the mental war against Russia," the defense minister said.

"We make the one and only conclusion: the fight is life-and-death on all fronts. If the concept of globalism prevails, the West will retain the right to dictate the rules of the game to the rest and freely dispose of the world's resources for the prosperity of the ‘golden billion'. Because in the future multipolar world the countries of Western civilization will have to part with the hegemony status and waive the control over the resource base with all the ensuing consequences for their well-being. Therefore, the reason they fighting a modern version of the proxy war in Ukraine by the hands of Ukrainians is to retain their lifestyle," Viktor Khrenin emphasized.

In his opinion, in this war by proxy Ukraine is a pawn in the big game. "Washington and London are spearheading the confrontation against the so-called Russian world, but being not ready for a direct confrontation, they prefer to throw their vassals into the meat grinder of war, placing themselves above the battle," he said. “The European allies of the United States and the UK, at their instigation, continue to pump Ukraine with weapons and ammunition. The governments of Eastern European countries, despite the things that have happened to Ukraine, continue to follow its suit and openly sell Russophobia and their citizens.”

The Moscow security forum has brought together more than 700 guests, including defense ministers, chiefs of general staff, delegations of the military departments, representatives of the expert community from different states, as well as representatives of international organizations. The conference focuses on global and regional stability, and various aspects of security in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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