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24 January 2024, 10:21

FM: Minsk, Beijing have reached a new level of political trust

Sergei Aleinik. An archive photo
Sergei Aleinik. An archive photo
MINSK, 24 January (BelTA) – Minsk and Beijing have reached a remarkably new level of political trust and international coordination, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Aleinik said at a solemn event to mark the 32nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China, BelTA has learned.
“Thirty-two years is perhaps a short period given the long history of China. However, we must judge not by years, but by deeds,” the minister said. “From the very first years, the leaders of our countries realized that Belarus and China would be able to build a very special partnership, though few believed it was possible,” Belarus’ top diplomat said.  
“Thanks to this forward-looking policy, we have rapidly passed the stages of a comprehensive strategic partnership and a trust-based comprehensive strategic partnership, and last year we reached a new milestone - an all-weather and comprehensive strategic partnership. Each of these stages was marked with concrete achievements for our countries and peoples,” the foreign minister noted. “Since 1992, trade with China has skyrocketed more than 140 times.”
He noted that each region of Belarus and Minsk have established sister city ties with three or more regions of China. The China-Belarus Industrial Park Great Stone has become an important foothold in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. By now, it has 121 resident companies from 14 countries.
Sergei Aleinik emphasized that 2023 was an important milestone in strengthening the iron brotherhood of Belarus and China. “Two high-level visits to China took place. Our leaders have achieved an unprecedented level of mutual understanding. The relations between Minsk and Beijing are a paragon for political trust and international coordination, including on the platforms of the international associations SCO and BRICS,” he noted.
The foreign minister emphasized that Belarus and China support each other on issues that represent the fundamental interests of the two countries, including on the platforms of international organizations. The Republic of Belarus fully supports the implementation of the Global Development Initiative (GDI), Global Security Initiative (GSI), and Global Civilisation Initiative (GCI) put forward by President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping, as well as the eight steps to support the Belt and Road Initiative that were announced in Beijing in October 2023.
According to him, the agreements between the leaders of the two countries laid the groundwork for a new model of practical cooperation; there is a transition to a strategy of joint technological development and investment cooperation.
“The key to success in cooperation between Belarus and China is a common vision of the situation in the international arena, commitment to peace, truth, respect and historical justice,” he continued. “Therefore, I have no doubts that in 2024, thanks to the joint efforts of the parties, bilateral trade will hit a new record and the export of Belarusian products, trade in services and investment will remain in the positive zone,” he said.
“We will ramp up cooperation in technology and investment, jointly hold the Year of Cooperation in Technology and Innovation, and intensify humanitarian contacts. The current situation demands coordinated and consistent efforts. I am confident that soon our leaders will approve an even bigger and more ambitious plan for joint work for the coming years,” said Sergei Aleinik.
The minister welcomed the opening of the new building of the Chinese Embassy in Minsk. “From the very beginning, the Chinese Embassy in Belarus has played a vital role in building and strengthening interstate relations between Belarus and China, developing economic, cultural, and humanitarian contacts between our countries, and developing a legal framework for Belarus-China cooperation. The new embassy building will stand on a solid foundation of all-weather friendship and iron brotherhood, and Chinese diplomats will work and live in more comfortable conditions. I would like to emphasize the role of Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Belarus Xie Xiaoyong in strengthening the traditionally friendly ties between Belarus and China and developing cooperation across the board,” Sergei Aleinik said.
The foreign minister is confident that the joint work in the interests of Belarus and China will bring even more tangible results.

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