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26 August 2020, 12:12

Expert from Germany: $6bn is reportedly transferred for Belarus' protests

Alexander Sosnowski. Photo courtesy of
Alexander Sosnowski. Photo courtesy of

MINSK, 26 August (BelTA) – There is information that $6 billion was transferred to finance protests in Belarus, political analyst, CEO of the World Economy magazine (Berlin, Germany) Alexander Sosnowski told the ONT TV channel, BelTA reports.

“I issue a magazine and for this I often get the information I need, including photos, graphics from various sources. I purchase interesting photos from various American resources. The first photo I was offered to buy while writing the first article about Belarus was a poster saying “Slipper revolution has started in Belarus at last”. It means that they already coined a name for it. This is a color revolution. Probably it was not devised in the way it is being implemented now. However, some pretty smart political consultants are now trying to turn the situation in their favor. For me the ‘Soros fist' is a dead giveaway of a color revolution. It appears absolutely everywhere when some manifestations of a revolution emerge,” Alexander Sosnowski said.

In his words, the European Union has earmarked considerable funds for protests in Belarus. “I have recently talked to my colleague who worked in the position of a deputy minister in Germany for many years. According to the information he has, a total of $6 billion was transfered one way or another, using crypto currency, for protests in Belarus. It is a huge sum. If this is true, it means that the protests will not fade away on their own. They have finances. This should be checked. I cannot verify this information, but such information exists. Naturally, those in the West who are behind these processes cannot care less about the future of Belarusians and Belarus. If the alliance of Belarus and Russia becomes weaker, it will benefit the West first of all. This is their goal,” the expert said.

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