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15 September 2020, 19:29

European Union's unwillingness to objectively investigate processes in Belarus criticized

Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo

MINSK, 15 September (BelTA) – The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the European Union demonstrates total unwillingness to even try to objectively investigate the ongoing processes. Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei made the relevant statement in response to the speech made by European Union High Representative Josep Borrell at a session of the European Parliament on 15 September, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Makei started by mentioning that Josep Borrell said Ukraine while referring to Belarus. In particular, Josep Borrell said that Aleksandr Lukashenko is not a legitimate president of Ukraine. “I'd like to ask you right away not to interpret my response as interference in Ukraine's domestic affairs… Although certainly judging by this slip of the tongue Brussels knows little of events in Belarus. Maybe it is our fault. Everyone can make errors,” Vladimir Makei noted.

“But in this case we are totally saddened by another thing – the European Union's complete unwillingness to even try to objectively investigate the ongoing processes. This is why I believe Josep Borrell's remarks to be opinionated and biased,” the minister of foreign affairs stressed.

According to Vladimir Makei, Josep Borrell said that sanctions must be adopted prior to the next session of the Council of the European Union. In Josep Borrell's words, it will confirm the authority of the European Union. Vladimir Makei said: “I can hardly believe that it is nearly a direct quote. While we were confident that the European Union's authority relies on things other than sanctions. Let's talk about categorical demands to start some inclusive nationwide dialogue. No doubt, from the professional point of view I believe that demanding something that has already been planned and announced is a testimony of undoubtedly good bureaucratic experience and analytical calculations. I'd like to remind you that the Belarus president has recently once again reaffirmed the readiness to initiate the process of reformation of the political system in the country by amending the Constitution. To read or quote the Belarusian head of state would suffice.”

“Or is the dialogue understood as some different algorithm that can quench the thirst of missing geopolitical revenge of the European Union?” Vladimir Makei wondered.

Vladimir Makei also spoke about the European Union's repeatedly stated position that the organization of another presidential election is the best solution. “The best solution for whom? For the European Union, which failed the win the election in Belarus? Are you confident it will be the best solution? Can you quote examples of when such ‘best solutions' of the European Union produced the best results? Or did Josep Borrell mean something different when his tongue slipped?” Vladimir Makei wondered. “Maybe it is what started the talks about the illegitimacy of the Belarus president? The presidential election in Belarus may not have been ideal but the majority of the nation chose the winner. It is difficult to doubt the fact today. I would love to understand on what grounds representatives of the European Union think themselves equals of the Belarusian nation and think they have the right to pronounce verdicts about the acceptability of election results for Belarusians at their sole discretion. These two figures are definitely not equals to me.”

“What will the world come to if every outside player starts directly contesting results of elections in other countries?” Vladimir Makei wondered.

“We understand that democracy is all about accepting the opinion of the majority instead of using all the means and technologies to reforge the opinion to suit one's own desires,” he added.

As for the visit of the current OSCE presidency to Belarus, Vladimir Makei said he was surprised that OSCE representatives desire to come to Belarus as fast as possible yet they had three weeks and still failed to send an ODIHR mission to watch the presidential election in Belarus. “Are they not worried about the lack of an invitation anymore?” Vladimir Makei noted.

Vladimir Makei stressed that Belarus' stance had been clearly and unambiguously relayed to Western partners via bilateral channels and via the OSCE platform. “Belarus respects the OSCE and believes this organization to be an important tool for supporting peace and stability in the region. Yet we still have to see – and the contacts we've had so far have not been able to convince us – ‘an added value' in the visit of the current presidency and mediator services of the OSCE for the sake of establishing a domestic political dialogue in Belarus.”

“Trust me, Belarusians will accomplish this mission on their own. Meanwhile, we certainly don't rule out a visit of an OSCE representative when the visit is deemed truly useful. Let me state once again that the Belarusian side is always ready for an open and mutually respectful dialogue with all the interested international partners, including the European Union. I have to admit that as a result of my previous personal contacts and phone conversations with Mr Borrell I got the impression that the European Union thinks like that, too. I would not want to be ultimately disillusioned about it,” Vladimir Makei concluded.

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