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05 October 2015, 17:07

Election 2015. Belarus CEC: Also-rans call for boycotting the election

MINSK, 5 October (BelTA) – Also-rans call for boycotting the election, BelTA learned from the speech made by Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina on the air of the radio channel Belarus One on 5 October.

Speaking about appeals for boycotting the presidential election, the head of the Belarusian election organization agency noted: “Such appeals are forbidden by the law. Nevertheless, such appeals are made in this form or another. The appeals are made by also-rans.”

According to Lidia Yermoshina, statements to that effect have been made by one of the unfulfilled presidential candidates, who also ran for the Belarus presidency in 2015, as well as several representatives of the opposition, who say they cannot participate in the election due to some reasons or are unwilling to participate. “I can say right away that such appeals are illegal and irresponsible. The adult men know perfectly well that an election is a necessity in every country. They know how much money has been poured into this election campaign just like into any other one. They know that the stability and wellbeing of our society depends on the election. They have no right to lose their sense of reality and responsibility as to call for boycotting the election,” said the CEC head.

The official went on saying that pre-election campaigning proceeds as usual. Outdoor pickets are arranged, indoor meetings with voters are organized, candidates have been able to address the nation via radio and television. Pre-election programs have been published in mass media. “The candidates are working. They are on people's minds. The awareness raising effort has not left a single voter in Belarus without sufficient knowledge of the fact that the presidential election will take place on 11 October,” believes Lidia Yermoshina.

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