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20 October 2022, 13:21

CSTO urged to close ranks in this difficult time

MINSK, 20 October (BelTA) - The coordination meeting of the chairmen of the defense and security committees of the parliaments of the CSTO member states at the Council of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly convened via videoconference on 20 October, BelTA has learned.

"This institution was launched a long time ago. Meetings are held several times a year. We discuss various issues related to the activities of our organization and parliamentary participation in the work of the CSTO," said Sergei Rachkov, Chairman of the Standing Commission on International Affairs and National Security of the Council of the Republic. “It should be noted that MPs have recently significantly intensified their work. We are involved in monitoring CSTO exercises. Another function of the coordination meeting is to prepare analytical reports assessing the situation in defense and security in the CSTO regions of responsibility.”

Today is a quite difficult time, the senator said. "We will discuss the situation in the Central Asian region. It is no secret that there are certain contradictions among a number of CSTO member countries. But we're not dramatizing them. We believe that these issues are more related to bilateral relations. Such things happen in NATO, for example, between Turkey and Cyprus. It is not this issue that is not in the spotlight today," he stressed. “NATO has been building up its presence on the western borders of Belarus. Together with the Russian Federation, we are strengthening the security on the southern border. Of course, MPs should keep these issues under control and participate in decision-making."

Sergei Rachkov recalled that Armenia is currently chairing the CSTO. "It will present its interim report on the priorities that were announced at the beginning of the year. For the Republic of Belarus, this coordination meeting is very important due to the fact that next year our country will take over chairmanship in the CSTO," he added.

The CSTO countries need to support each other more, the senator stated. "We need close rally our ranks, because the time is very difficult now, there are many challenges and threats, including for defense and security of our countries. One of the issues that will be discussed is military cooperation within the framework of the CSTO. Belarusian representatives will report on the country's contribution and participation in the CSTO military cooperation."

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