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21 June 2024, 13:32

CSTO foreign ministers adopt statement on 80th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from Nazi invaders

 MINSK, 21 June (BelTA) - Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Aleinik took part in a meeting of the CSTO Foreign Ministers Council of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 21 June, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
The ministers exchanged views on the international and regional situation and its impact on the security of the CSTO states and discussed the prospects for building a security architecture in the Eurasian space.

In his speech, Sergei Aleinik drew attention to the crisis of international relations, accompanied by growing military and political tensions and further fragmentation of the international security system. The minister expressed concern over the ongoing militarization of the European region, the increase in defense spending by NATO member countries, the military build-up, including near the borders of Belarus.

"Supporters of the unipolar world order are using all their might to retain the slipping hegemony and resort to the whole arsenal of means developed over the years: from political blackmail, disinformation and economic pressure to open provocations and incitement of conflicts of varying degrees of intensity," Sergei Aleinik noted.

He spoke in favor of a multipolar order and the Eurasian security architecture based on the principle of indivisibility of security, respect for international law and a variety of development paths. He emphasized that the discussion on the construction of the Eurasian security architecture was launched during the high-level international conference "Eurasian Security: Reality and Prospects in a Transforming World", held in Minsk last October as part of Belarus’ chairmanship in the CSTO.

"We see the formula ‘Eurasian solutions to Eurasian problems’ as especially important. It implies the absence of outside interference, and the open and inclusive nature of the process of building the Eurasian security architecture. We are not going to exclude anyone from the dialogue. It is open ti all countries and international organizations of the continent, including Europe, which is an integral part of the Eurasian space," the minister said.

Within the framework of the meeting, the foreign ministers of the CSTO member states approved the draft decision of the CSTO Collective Security Council "On the CSTO special interstate program to strengthen the Tajik-Afghan border" and adopted a number of statements on topical issues of the international agenda: on exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, on expanding cooperation in international information security and on efforts to stabilize the situation in the Middle East and North Africa.
At the initiative of the Belarusian side, the CSTO foreign ministers adopted a statement in connection with the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.
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