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20 April 2021, 16:43

Belarusian MPs strongly condemn coup attempts

MINSK, 20 April (BelTA) – It was with deep indignation that the Council of the Republic and the House of Representatives learned the information about the plans to organize a coup d'etat in Belarus, which involved the physical elimination of the first persons of the state and their family members, reads a statement of the National Assembly of Belarus in connection with the information about the coup attempt, BelTA learned from the website of the lower house of parliament.

“Such a plot should be considered as aterrorist act and a crime against Belarus. This criminal intent has become possible due to the steady destruction of the foundations and traditional principles of international law. For several decades, a number of states have interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, under the pretext of what they called protection of freedoms and democratic values,” the statement reads. “Using sanctions and other measures of economic pressure has become a commonplace practice. Color revolutions to overthrow legitimately elected authorities in sovereign states have become widespread. Everywhere such events led to destruction of national traditions and statehood, impoverishment and loss of life. Today we are witnessing these methods degrade to the level of criminal subversive operations and conspiracies directly aimed at inciting hatred and committing murder."

Belarusian MPs strongly condemn any attempt to overthrow the government and call on the international community to immediately withdraw support for any destructive forces destabilizing the domestic political situation in Belarus.

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