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25 June 2024, 19:54

Belarusian MPs encouraged to promote national interests in international arena

MINSK, 25 June (BelTA) – Parliamentarians should promote national interests in the international arena, Chairman of the International Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Sergei Rachkov told BelTA after a seminar on directions, forms, and methods of parliamentary democracy in the context of promoting foreign policy interests and foreign economy interests of the Republic of Belarus.

Sergei Rachkov said: “International activities represent a priority area of work of any parliament and primarily of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus. It is particularly important in the current international situation when classic diplomacy opportunities are limited. It is necessary to more broadly use the potential of parliamentary diplomacy, use the existing contacts of parliaments and parliamentarians with foreign parliaments and parliamentarians. We use various forms of interaction such as the work of national delegations in international parliamentary bodies. We set up working groups on interaction with parliaments of foreign states. This convocation of the parliament has set up 42 groups like that. We’ve somewhat reduced the number of these groups primarily taking into account national interests. We concentrate on the countries, which are interested in working with the parliament of the Republic of Belarus. We’ve also set up regional working groups that cover several countries, parliaments of foreign states in order to allow our MPs to join work with these countries at any moment when contacts and ties are mature enough.”

The key area of work is to present the position of the Republic of Belarus to foreign MPs. “Parliamentarians have to do awareness-raising work. We need to establish contacts, ties that would allow promoting our national interests. And primarily interests in foreign economy. Because not only the government but also the National Assembly focuses attention on work in the economic space, on promoting our interests in capturing new markets to sell products and develop economic ties,” Sergei Rachkov added.

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