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07 May 2021, 15:42

Belarusian government concerned about U.S. ambassador's status

MINSK, 7 May (BelTA) – Before the appointed ambassador of the United States of America arrives in Belarus, it is necessary to clearly define in what status and with what authority she intends to work, BelTA learned from Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei.

The official said: “We need to see a clear picture regarding in what status the appointed ambassador intends to arrive in Belarus.” He believes that it is necessary to determine whether she will come with love for the country, with a desire to sincerely get to the bottom of the situation or whether she will come with feelings based only on statements of the opposition. It is also important whether the ambassador intends to work with the official government understanding the need to advance relations between nations or not.

In turn, Vladimir Makei assured that Belarus would like to see normal, forward-thinking, equal relations with the USA, relations that favor political, humanitarian, trade, and economic cooperation. “We've always been intent on such an approach and have advocated such an approach. Moreover, the history, even the latest period of history, demonstrates that those two or three years of normal relations produced so much more than all the previous years of sanctions and confrontations imposed by our American partners. We are interested in a dialogue in all spheres,” he stressed.

Vladimir Makei continued: “But we absolutely fail to understand the approaches individual American politicians demonstrate towards our country. In particular, statements by the appointed U.S. ambassador to Belarus represent nothing but absolute propaganda for me right now.” He is convinced the ambassador's statements are based on a false understanding of the situation, on false facts that rely on the speculations she hears from Belarusian criminal fugitives in the West.

In particular, in an interview the ambassador stated that one of the tasks an ambassador has to do is to oversee the operation of government agencies in the host country. “We have people to oversee the operation of government agencies,” Vladimir Makei responded. “This is why we need to clearly determine in what mood an ambassador comes to the host country first.”

Sending a Belarusian ambassador to the USA is still on the agenda. “We have nearly finished searching for the appropriate candidate for this post. It is quite difficult to find a person, who knows the country and can work effectively over there,” Vladimir Makei explained.

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