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20 December 2021, 17:18

Belarusian Foreign Ministry views contemplated Lithuanian bill as act of hostility, aggression

MINSK, 20 December (BelTA) – The “sanction law”, which is being contemplated in Lithuania and concerns Belarus, represents a most blatant violation of international law, BelTA learned from Press Secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Glaz.

Anatoly Glaz said: “For more than a week we've been witnessing a performance being staged in neighboring Lithuania regarding the transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers. Acting skills and entrepreneurial spirit of some participants of this drama are impressive. But it is up to Lithuanians to evaluate the work of their government. Domestic problems of the neighboring country are their business. The key thing is that in this muddy water under the disguise of solidarity some actors are trying to push through the parliament the decisions that represent the pinnacle of irresponsibility and cynicism. While calming down everyone by saying that some bill, which has been brought into the parliament, will allow stopping the transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers without economic losses, they in fact enable conditions for a complete prohibition against shipments and transit of any Belarusian goods for the sake of consequent transportation by sea.”

Anatoly Glaz stressed that the initiative per se is a most blatant violation of international law and a violation of multilateral and bilateral agreements of Lithuania. Those include the commitment to enable unhindered transit of merchandise, enable unconditional access to the sea for a landlocked country. The access to the sea must be enabled even in a state of emergency and warfare.

“The fact that official Vilnius arbitrarily interprets norms of international law and sincerely believes that inconvenient norms can be put aside is no longer a secret for anyone, particularly after the drama with migrants. But in this case I am talking about a deliberate attempt at a blockade: transportation by air has been blocked, transportation by road is limited, now they are closing in on transportation by rail. All of it against a landlocked country. What is it if not an act of hostility and aggression? This endeavor also directly threatens food security of a number of countries, which import Belarusian potassium, will provoke instability, poor crop harvests, a price spike, and will worsen the hunger problem. And all these consequences calmly fit into heads of Lithuanian politicians,” the press secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted. “Just like the fact that their own population will suffer due to this mad endeavor. More than $1 billion worth of Belarusian exports and transit shipments secure the prosperity of not only the Klaipeda port but the Lithuanian railways as well. Hundreds of Lithuanian enterprises and the wellbeing of a considerable number of Lithuanian families will be affected. Never mind the threat to the safety of transit from third countries.”

“There are no reasons that can explain it but impotent rage. It is high time they mended their ways and stopped this irresponsible policy, which can destabilize the situation in the region and verges on an undeclared war,” Anatoly Glaz added.

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