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03 January 2024, 10:30

Belarus-Russia Union State information space becomes more united in 2023

MINSK, 3 January (BelTA) - In 2023, the information space of the Union State of Belarus and Russia became even stronger and more united, demonstrating to all the countries the principles of peace and creation, real freedom of speech, Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Union of Journalists Andrei Krivosheyev told BelTA.

In his words, Belarus and Russia are successfully integrating in the media space, providing the necessary information support to the ongoing processes. “The people of Belarus and Russia should be informed about the fruits of integration,” Andrei Krivosheyev said.

Interaction between Belarus and Russia in the media space goes on at all levels and in various areas, contributing to the achievement of digital sovereignty of the Union State, among other things. “Of course, the Belarusian and Russian media have common topics, as the special military operation, the stance of the collective West, the United States and its satellites forces us to pursue a coordinated anti-fake policy and defend national interests. At the same time, we are engaged in broadcasting together with our Russian colleagues and thus influence the mood of our neighbors in Poland, the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and Ukraine as well. A huge number of people want to receive reliable and objective information about the development of Belarus and Russia, about our values, priorities, programs and projects. And here we act together,” the head of the Belarusian Union of Journalists said.

In his words, Belarus and Russia act together on the major platforms that have become global - the SCO and BRICS. According to Andrei Krivosheyev, the Union State countries act there as locomotives, an intellectual factory that works out the most advanced methods and ways of integration. “This means that the Belarusian and Russian media should build a coordinated policy of promoting our values on the platforms of the SCO and BRICS,” the head of Belarusian Union of Journalists said.

Andrei Krivosheyev also praised the successful regional cooperation of the two countries in the media space: “The regions of Belarus and the subjects of Russia are linked by thousands of projects, the implementation of which directly contributes to the welfare of the peoples of both countries, their standard of living. The interests of Belarusian exporters and regions are represented in most regions of the Russian Federation, so the role of the regional press is also to emphasize the interaction at this level and its effectiveness. In this regard, we see the benefit in expanding, in particular, the project such as the Association of Regional Press. It already includes more than 20 subjects of the Russian Federation, including Murmansk, Ulyanovsk, Omsk, and the Far East.”

A roadmap has been developed for the main areas of cooperation between the Belarusian Union of Journalists and the Russian Union of Journalists. “We represent each other's interests on the world's largest platforms, jointly train young journalists in new competencies, and share experience in using artificial intelligence technology. Learning from each other is a normal process, because someone has advanced further in print media, someone in digital platforms, someone in TV and radio broadcasting. In 2023, we have done almost the maximum possible to make our information space even stronger, more cohesive, demonstrating to the countries the principles of peace and creation, real freedom of speech,” Andrei Krivosheyev said.

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