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21 September 2022, 14:25

Belarus, Russia develop mechanisms to counter challenges, threats

"We discussed a wide range of issues related primarily to the security of the Union State in the context of hybrid threats, the West's steps in relation to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus," Aleksandr Volfovich said. “Naturally, we discussed the issues related to the special military operation, the challenges and threats that the West is trying to bring to the borders of the Union State via Ukraine and the tense situation on the borders of the Union State. Our offices have developed a number of mechanisms to counter these challenges and threats, because the security of our countries, our citizens is the main task for the leaders of countries, for the security councils."

According to him, issues related to biological safety were also considered. "This is a new threat today. It is reflected, by the way, in the draft new Concept of National Security, which will soon be submitted to the Security Council of Belarus and then to the Belarusian People's Congress for approval," the state secretary said.

The parties also discussed the need to conceptualize the strategic planning documents of the Union State, in particular the Concept of National Security of the Union State. "There is a need to refresh this document, because the document currently in force was adopted in 1999 and requires certain changes," Aleksandr Volfovich said.

"We discussed other mechanisms of work and interaction between the Security Councils. The interaction between our offices is at a high level. So is the cooperation between the law enforcement, defense and security agencies of the two countries: the defense ministries, the KGB and the FSB, the border service bodies and other agencies. This cooperation is aimed at resolving issues related to modern challenges and threats in the face of unprecedented geopolitical pressure from the West on the Union State," the state secretary said.

"The consultations were held in a constructive spirit, at a high level, as it is expected of the two friendly fraternal countries," Aleksandr Volfovich added.

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