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17 December 2021, 13:56

Belarus MFA: Aggressive rhetoric is growing more mainstream in EU

MINSK, 17 December (BelTA) – It seems that things are perfect in the European Union and that its leaders have nothing more to discuss but interference in the affairs of other sovereign states, spokesman for the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Glaz commented on the results of the EU Summit in Brussels, BelTA has learned

"It feels that if there were no Belarus and Russia, the summit would not have taken place. Threats of new sanctions were not surprising at all. Unfortunately, the aggressive rhetoric is growing more mainstream in the EU, and EU bureaucrats stubbornly stick to this dead-end policy. Threats, of course, do not contribute to the solution of any problems, but only aggravate them," Anatoly Glaz emphasized.

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pledged retaliation to any sanctions and other destructive steps. "Chances are that some EU countries may no longer be able to survive the retaliation. I would like to believe that decision makers will regain prudence and a responsible approach will prevail," the spokesman noted.

The statement following the summit calls on Belarus to allow international organizations to visit refugees at the border. Anatoly Glaz called it "the deliberate formation of an alternative reality." He recalled that international organizations have been working on the Belarusian side since the first day of the crisis. Even an EU delegation visited them.

"The EU is perfectly aware of this. Nevertheless, they continue to repeat the old mantra. What for? To cultivate a perception of Belarus as a certain closed zone, to further demonize our country. These are very primitive techniques. We would also like to remind European officials that the colonial era is over and that they have the right to demand anything only from their member countries. They'd better demand that Poland, Lithuania or Latvia stop the brutal beatings of migrants and provide access for international organizations, the public and the media to the border. They'd better demand these countries comply with the European laws and standards. Once again, we repeat our call on the EU to stop generating tensions and begin addressing the joint problems in our region through joint efforts, through mutually respectful dialogue," Anatoly Glaz summed up.

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