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15 March 2022, 15:01

Belarus' KGB chief talks about current priorities

Ivan Tertel
Ivan Tertel

MINSK, 15 March (BelTA) – The KGB has to focus on several areas now, BelTA learned from Chairman of the State Security Committee of Belarus (KGB) Ivan Tertel on 15 March.

The official said that the KGB now has to focus on several areas. “Intelligence gathering is certainly one of them now. We have to know what is going on in the world, we have to report to the country's leadership and make executive decisions, including in the international sphere, that meet national interests. We also have to focus on counterespionage because we see unfriendly actions being taken against our country,” Ivan Tertel said.

Asked whether the KGB had to change its style of work due to the emergence of new threats and challenges, Ivan Tertel pointed out that the KGB always has to remain combat ready due to peculiarities of the work. “We projected some of the relevant events. We were ready,” he explained.

The KGB chief is convinced that Belarus citizens can feel secure: “There are certainly problematic aspects relating to Ukrainian events. There is a concrete instruction from the head of state and a strict demand for the KGB to protect not only our national interests but also interests of ordinary citizens.”

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