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06 March 2024, 12:42

Belarus’ FM: The old system in the world is giving way to a new reality

MINSK, 6 March (BelTA) – Belarus progressively develops at a time when the old system is giving way to a new reality, Belarus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Aleinik said at a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BelTA learned from the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We are going through a difficult stage of comprehensive transformation of international relations. They are experiencing an obvious crisis, and we live and, what is important, develop progressively at a time when the status quo is challenged by a new reality,” said the foreign minister.

He emphasized that the global and regional security architecture has been  destroyed almost completely: “Force has become the most important factor. This has resulted in the increasing number of large-scale conflicts, one of which is raging at our border.”

According to the minister, the reasons for that have long been clear. “The emerging multipolar and fairer world order is absolutely unacceptable for the collective West, which is trying to maintain its political, financial and economic dominance by any means and at any cost. Therefore, these countries no longer shy away from direct aggressive moves, all kinds of pressure; they blatantly trample on basic human rights, including those of their own citizens. What’s most regrettable is that once again hundreds of thousands of human lives are disregarded,” Sergei Aleinik emphasized.

“The West is determined to target the sovereignty of any state that dares to challenge it or speak out for a fair world order,” he continued. “Belarus is among such countries. We are targeted for the fact that we were able to maintain and strengthen our independence in these difficult geopolitical conditions, for pursuing a foreign and domestic policy that seeks to promote long-term interests of our people and our state,” he said.

Belarus remains committed to peace and creation, therefore the country is subjected to a hybrid impact and recurrent sanctions  - Westerners are adamantly trying to provoke a deep socio-economic crisis with political repercussions, the minister is convinced.

“By the way, sometimes they talk about it openly in their public speeches,” he added. “Yet, as the head of state noted in his address, we joined forces to withstand the onslaught of liberal models. Belarus has determined its place in the new world order and established the contours and directions of its own dynamic development,” Belarus’ top diplomat noted.  

Moreover, Belarus does not focus exclusively on national issues, does not shield itself from the ongoing global transformation, but is a proactive participant in these processes, the foreign minister noted.

He called the high-level international conference “Eurasian security: reality and prospects in a transforming world” in Minsk a meaningful contribution to the global and regional agendas. “And this is just one of many of our peace-building, unifying initiatives in the areas of combating human trafficking, food insecurity, climate change, which the president very clearly spoke about at the summit held in the UAE in December,” noted Sergei Aleinik.
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