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22 November 2022, 20:12

Belarus calls for corporate solidarity in Collective Security Treaty Organization

YEREVAN, 22 November (BelTA) – Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei expects that the Collective Security Treaty Organization summit, which is due in Yerevan on 23 November, will make a decisive contribution to the organization's improvement, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Makei said he expects the summit to be productive and the meeting of the CSTO leaders to make a decisive contribution to the organization's improvement. “It is necessary to truly achieve a state when a number of other integration bodies, regional and international organizations will reckon with the Collective Security Treaty Organization. To achieve that, we should do everything so that corporate solidarity would reign supreme inside our organization, so that we would maintain security in the CSTO space. So that we would truly try to hear each other when we talk about some things. Unfortunately, let's be frank, we have quite many complaints about each other. And we should talk about it openly and sincerely like genuine friends do. Only by doing so, we can achieve the goals that we set out to achieve,” the Belarusian minister of foreign affairs said.

Since Belarus is going to take over CSTO presidency from Armenia, Vladimir Makei was asked about the priorities that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko is expected to state during the summit.

Vladimir Makei remarked that Belarus' overall stance on CSTO-related matters will not change. “Nothing is going to radically change. We have always been in favor of peaceful resolution of all disputes and conflicts. In favor of effective operation of organizations. In favor of helping out each other, including in the international scene when a country experiences unjustified pressure. Unfortunately, let's be frank, we don't see that with regard to Belarus now. But the stance is not going to radically change. Naturally, approaches change depending on the situation evolving in the region and the world as a whole. We have to bear it in mind. We speak about it openly and sincerely. We are absolutely open for a sincere dialogue about further ways of development of our organization,” he said.

Speaking about Belarus' presidency's priorities, Vladimir Makei noted that the president would speak about them in detail. “We've tried to prepare them in a way as to make a decisive contribution to the improvement of all spheres of activities of our organization during the next year,” he noted.

Asked whether the Collective Security Treaty Organization is going through a crisis considering a number of ongoing local military conflicts involving CSTO member states, Vladimir Makei said: “Any organization is surely susceptible to certain crises depending on the development of the international situation, the situation in this or that region. I wouldn't say the Collective Security Treaty Organization is going through some crisis times but there are certain problematic things we should talk about sincerely. Although I represent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but we will not achieve any positive results if we speak about the existing problems with the language of diplomacy. This is why it is necessary to discuss existing problems and try to find a concept for resolving them.”

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