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04 May 2022, 13:27

Analyst: West wants to convert Belarus into a pariah nation

MINSK, 4 May (BelTA) – The West is intent on converting Belarus into a pariah state, against which sanctions can be introduced, the political analyst Vadim Borovik told BelTA.

Vadim Borovik said: “Fight against monuments is a demonstration of political impotence. When politicians are incapable of conducting negotiations, when politicians are incapable of coming to terms or clearly presenting their stance, they start demolishing and eradicating monuments with a flair. They make political actions out of it. Any sensible European understands that without the role played by the Soviet Union Europe would not exist and more than half of the Europeans with mixed blood would have been burned in furnaces of Nazi camps. The rest would have had to work there. As little as 10% of the Europeans would have lived a normal life there. There would have been extreme filtering.”

In his words, it is impossible to underestimate our role in Europe's liberation. “It is the truth. However hard they may try to distort it and they are distorting it in order to belittle our nation and, for the lack of a better word, dehumanize it in order to be able to enforce such sanctions against us. They are intent on converting the liberator nation, the winner nation into a pariah state in order for the public to accept sanctions and genocide against us as the norm,” the analyst noted. “Today their job is to set the population of their countries at odds with us, to make the voters support an aggressive policy towards Russia and Belarus.”

Vadim Borovik stated that the fight against monuments to Soviet soldiers smacks of the Middle Ages when attributes of a previous faith were eliminated. “Europe is going back into the Middle Ages on its own by demolishing our monuments. It is certainly sacrilege and an international crime – the demolishment of monuments to heroic liberators,” he added.

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