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26 May 2022, 13:33

Ambrazevich: The West will inevitably clash with emerging world leaders

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 26 May (BelTA) – The West defending its dominance will inevitably clash with emerging leaders, Belarus' Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yuri Ambrazevich said at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Bishkek, BelTA has learned.

During his speech at the panel discussion “Interaction with promising international partners: Mutually beneficial cooperation in Greater Eurasia”, the Belarusian diplomat remarked that the rise of the EAEU is taking place amidst global transformations.

“Many analysts believe that already in the medium term the world will become a world of macro-regions. This scenario is supported by many factors, which is not the case with the concept of globalization where the West calls the shots. The transition to a multi-polar world will be accompanied by shocks. Collisions between the West defending its dominance and the emerging leaders who will define the new poles are inevitable,” Yuri Ambrazevich is convinced.

In his opinion, the current conflict in Ukraine is just one of such shocks. “It is encouraging that the UN voting has shown that more and more non-Western countries are choosing to pursue their own interests. The new poles of development, however, have to work hard to prove their right to existence. Before the world of macro-regions sees the light of the day, the world order will go through many changes. For example, production and logistics chains will shorten and will become confined to huge regional associations, and the manufacturing industry will come to play a leading role in the economy again and thus the importance of industrial specialization depending on availability of natural resources will increase,” the diplomat said.

Yuri Ambrazevich stressed that the focus on self-sufficiency, higher resilience to external shocks, effective management based on strong governments and their social focus, the synergistic effect of complementarity, first of all, in industrial cooperation will allow macro-regions to become an effective alternative to Western globalization, ensure a more fair distribution of resources and assets and more inclusive participation of all people in effective development.

“I must admit that the liberal world order makes it impossible for the third world to achieve the same standards of living as the Golden Billion has. The concept of Western globalization forever cements this gap,” the diplomat said.

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