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Belarus-Russia interparliamentary cooperation discussed in Moscow
Belarus Ambassador Vladimir Semashko met with First Vice Speaker of Russia's State Duma, deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State Ivan Melnikov to discuss Belarus-Russia interparliamentary cooperation.
Sergei Lavrov. A screenshot from a TASS video
Lavrov surprised by mass media uproar about Belarus-Russia Union State Treaty
16 January, 12:34
The treaty on founding the Union State is a publicly available document. One could get familiar with it back when it was signed and one can refresh memory about it now, Sergei Lavrov said.
During the opening ceremony
Makei, Kneissl open new office of Austrian embassy in Minsk
15 January, 17:56
Belarus is keen on promoting close relations with Austria. We really view Austria as an important partner in politics, economy and other fields, Vladimir Makei said.
‘Cat ritual' performed to open new office of Austrian embassy in Minsk
15 January, 17:36
A cat walked across the threshold of the new office of the Austrian embassy in Minsk before the embassy staff moved in.
Sebastian Kurz. Archive photo
Sebastian Kurz plans to visit Minsk
15 January, 17:18
According to Karin Kneissl, the visit is scheduled for this year. Sebastian Kurz is set to attend a ceremony to unveil a monument to the Austrian victims of the Trostenets death camp.
Vladimir Makei during the meeting
Belarus, Austria want to see bridges, not dividing lines in Europe
15 January, 17:13
Belarus views the visit of Karin Kneissl and the opening of Austria's new embassy office in Minsk as part of efforts to maintain a positive dialogue and promote bilateral relations.
Vladimir Makei
Call for stronger Belarus-Austria cooperation amid growing confrontation in region
15 January, 16:03
Vladimir Makei said: “Only through joint efforts one can achieve results and improve the positive atmosphere of bilateral ties. Particularly now when the situation in the world and the region is not getting better but is becoming more and more strained.”
St Petersburg to host Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia on 16-18 July
15 January, 15:52
The Forum of Regions is held annually in Belarus and Russia on a rota basis. It is organized by the upper chambers of parliaments of the two countries: the Council of the Republic and the Federation Council.
Belarus, Slovakia celebrate 26 years of diplomatic relations
14 January, 19:57
The ambassador noted that Slovakia and Belarus are connected by a great number of things, including peaceful intentions. “We don't wage wars but want to live in peace and tight cooperation,” said Joseph Migash.
Schedule for Belarusian-Russian top meetings discussed
14 January, 19:36
The sides discussed a broad range of topical matters concerning Belarus-Russia cooperation in a constructive manner, including the schedule of forthcoming contacts at the top level and the high one.
During the meeting
Hungary prime minister may visit Belarus in 2019
14 January, 16:53
During the meeting with the Hungarian prime minister in October we agreed that he will visit Belarus in February, Sergei Rumas said.
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