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Gennady Davydko Bill on political parties to be introduced in Belarusian parliament within six months
The MP noted: “The practice of discussing bills with a broad spectrum of interested individuals, including representatives of public organizations, government agencies, the scientific community, and the private sector, will be continued.”
Dmitry Shevtsov. An archive photo
MP criticizes misguided observers during parliamentary elections in Belarus
17 November, 22:56
“Some observers come to stage a genuine and obvious provocation,” the MP said while talking about headline-making situations involving observers during the current election campaign.
Aleksandr Shpakovsky. An archive photo
Observers' interest in Belarus attributed to country's growing international prominence
17 November, 22:37
The expert said: “Why is interest in Belarus on the rise? Because our country now plays a more prominent role. We have the same election system, the same values. We haven't changed the Constitution. The rest of the world now views us differently."
Belarus' CEC in favor of changing election system taking into account national development strategy
17 November, 21:58
Lidia Yermoshina believes that the government will be the one to take the decision to move from the majority-based voting system to the mixed one or a proportional one. “Voters will never agree to the change and will not support it at a referendum,” she said.
Lidia Yermoshina
Belarus' CEC recognizes parliamentary elections as valid in all constituencies
17 November, 21:21
Lidia Yermoshina said: “All the constituencies in Belarus indicate that the voter turnover has exceeded 50%. Respectively one can say that all the MPs will be elected because we have no constituency without an alternative candidate.”
Gregory Jullien
Belarus' important geopolitical role in Europe noted
17 November, 20:28
Gregory Jullien said: “Belarus plays an important geopolitical role in Europe today, this is why the interest in the elections is so great and this is why so many international observers have come here.”
Polling stations close in Belarus as part of parliamentary elections
17 November, 20:08
According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), as of 18:00 the elections were recognized valid in 109 constituencies out of 110 ones. The voter turnout amounted to 70.72%.
Belarus' parliamentary elections considered valid in 109 constituencies
17 November, 19:29
By now, the parliamentary elections in Belarus are considered valid in 109 constituencies. Only one electoral district [Grodno Central electoral district] is several percents away from the 50% turnout requirement,” Lidia Yermoshina said.
Elections declared valid in all Minsk constituencies
17 November, 19:15
The parliamentary elections in Belarus have been declared valid across all the constituencies of Minsk, as the 50% turnout requirement was met in all of them.
Lidia Yermoshina
No complaints filed with Belarus' CEC on election day
17 November, 18:55
The situation on election day remains stable. “No written complaints have been filed on election day irregularities with the Central Election Commission yet,” Lidia Yermoshina informed.
Natalya Kochanova
Opinion: An MP should love his or her country and know how to work with people
17 November, 18:35
Natalya Kochanova said: “Working in the parliament is a complicated job. One has to develop legislation, which is a very important and responsible matter because people will live and the country will develop according to these laws. Apart from that, one has to know how to work with people.”
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