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12:38 05 March 2021

Motovelo Plant in Minsk

Motovelo Plant in Minsk

The production of Aist bicycles was launched in Minsk in 1947. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Motovelo was reorganized as an open joint-stock company, but soon returned to state ownership. In 2007, the plant was bought by an investor. In 2015, one of Motovelo's owners was detained in line with a criminal case and Nikolai Ladutko was put in charge of the enterprise. In 2018, Motovelo was declared bankrupt. The situation at the enterprise remains difficult.

The plant employs 130 people, about 100 of whom work at the manufacturing facility.

In recent years, work productivity has increased. So-called industrial assembly was introduced at the plant. The plant assembles 450 bicycles per shift.

In the photo: in the assembly shop

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