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12:28 01 December 2022

Doctor from Donetsk Oblast receives Belarusian citizenship

Doctor from Donetsk Oblast receives Belarusian citizenship

During an artillery shelling in Donetsk Oblast, one of the shells hit the local hospital where intern Antonina Shetele worked after graduating from the Lugansk Medical Institute. Despite the situation, she was still willing to continue the doctor's mandatory postgraduate practice. She asked for a transfer to a hospital in another city, but the Ukrainian Healthcare Ministry denied her request.

Antonina decided to continue her education in Belarus where refugees from Lugansk Oblast and Donetsk Oblast were given the opportunity to live, work and study on an equal footing with the citizens of the country by the decree of President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

At first, Antonina lived in Novoyelnya, Dyatlovo District, Grodno Oblast, together with her relatives. Two months after her arrival, she received a residence permit and was admitted to the internship of the polyclinic of the Novoyelnya hospital.

In January 2022, Antonina received fast-track Belarusian citizenship. Now she works in the national tuberculosis hospital Novoyelnya and lives with her husband Mikhail Oberyukhtin, who recently became the head of the Novoyelnya polyclinic.

Pictured: Antonina Oberyukhtina at work

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