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09 February 2022, 16:09

Waste matter turned into artistic "snowflakes"


BEIJING, 9 February (BelTA - China Daily) - Winter Olympics-themed flower beds in Beijing have received a great deal of attention all over the city. However, few visitors know the 3D "snowflakes" featured in some of the displays are made from solid waste, Beijing Daily reported.

The "snowflakes" were a creation from a Beijing-based energy technology company that aims to facilitate China's zero-carbon Winter Olympics pledge.

Urban solid waste, which includes construction waste, general industrial solid waste and mining solid waste, is a main source of pollution. Transporting solid waste to landfills and burying it uses copious amounts of energy and land.

Using 3D printing technology, the company managed to transform solid waste into beautiful "snowflake" ornaments, saving material and labor as well as the trouble of transporting the waste.

There are multiple complex procedures involved in production. Solid waste needs to be analyzed first and hazardous substances must be sifted out. The usable portion is then ground to powder with adhesives added before the mixture goes into the 3D printer.

Construction waste, such as rubble and brick, is even more suitable for the printing of these "snowflake" ornaments.

To continue the circle of sustainability, the "snowflakes" will be recycled after the displays are removed.

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