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18 May 2024, 10:17

Türkiye successfully hosts International Anatolian Phoenix-2024 military drills

KONYA, 18 May (BeltA - Anadolu) - The Turkish Armed Forces showcased its latest military hardware and capabilities alongside six other nations at the joint International Anatolian Phoenix-2024.

A press tour of the event was held at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in central Türkiye's Konya province, where the aircraft and helicopters were involved in the military exercise.

The land, naval, and air forces of Azerbaijan, Qatar, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Saudi Arabia also participated in the exercise, which was also followed by observers from 17 countries.

Airplanes, helicopters, and rescue teams took part in the exercise aimed at improving the level of interoperability with other countries and identifying areas of cooperation.

The live-fire exercise also saw demonstrations of close air support, time-sensitive targeting, personnel rescue from hostile areas, ground-supported air isolation, convoy protection, personnel rescue, high-altitude jump, low-altitude parachute opening, as well as infiltration and re-infiltration missions.

As part of the drill, Turkish F-16 fighter jets hit targets marked by the Special Forces and JTAC, or Joint Terminal Attack Controller.

Later in a rescue operation, helicopters taking off from the 3rd Main Jet Base Command arrived at the exercise area to evacuate a wounded soldier. After a controlled landing, the personnel secured the perimeter before carrying the wounded to the helicopter.

As the helicopters took off, they came under enemy infantry fire, which was responded to by the attack helicopters with artillery fire.

The carefully choreographed rescue scenes were watched by military observers and journalists from the observation station.

During the exercise, the personnel completed their missions and as per the scenario, one soldier was rescued from enemy danger and targets destroyed.

The military delegation of observers later watched the aerobatic demonstrations performed by the Turkish Stars.

Four F-16s, one E-7T (Airborne Early Warning & Control Aircraft), one CN-235 type cargo plane, one xAS-532 Cougar type helicopter, one ANKA-S, two Atak attack helicopters, two S-70 helicopters, Air Force Command elements, SAT task team, Gendarmerie Special Search and Rescue team, and Special Forces Command personnel from Türkiye participated in the exercise.

The International Anatolian Phoenix-2024 Exercise, in which a total of 715 Turkish personnel took part, will end tomorrow.

Held since 2009

The biannual International Anatolian Phoenix Exercise has been held since 2009 at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command. It aims to train the Personnel Rescue Task Force in a realistic operational environment and increase the level of experience required by present and future battlefields.
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