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17 May 2022, 14:30

The Damask Rose is part of the Syrian identity

DAMASCUS, 17 May (BelTA - SANA Agensy). - The Damask Rose (Damascene Rose or Rosa Damascena) and everything related to it of heritage and craft had been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2019.

Since then, a national plan has been drawn up to preserve the Damask Rose, which is part of the Syrian identity and its harvest season witnesses the to the participation of the residents of the areas where it is grown, a fact that has become popular festivities full of colors and aromas.

The national plan for the preservation of the Damask Rose, on which the Syrian Trust for Development is working through the Living Heritage Program, is implemented in cooperation with official and civil bodies as an annual local festival is held during the harvest season of the rose and the residents of the areas where it grew participate in it.

During the festival, social rituals such as the recitation of the Zajal and the songs associated with the harvest of this rose are celebrated, as well as some folk dances and special competitions for this unique Syrian ritual.

The rose for farmers is the most precious thing they have, because they live for it they learn to plant it and care for it from an early age, they innovate in the manufacture of their products, and they know that its aroma reaches to all humanity, “the Syrian Trust for Development posted a statement on its Facebook page.

The statement pointed out that as part of the plan to preserve the rose , the work is done in integrated manner with the farmers who grow, harvest , and manufacture in Damascus, Hama, Lattakia, and Aleppo countryside , where the rose is grown , which a part of the cultural identity of these areas and their Face book page for their inhabitants.

The Damask Rose has an economic importance stemmed from its aromatic, food, cosmetic and medical benefits.

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