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05 October 2022, 09:59

Taking wind power to work: Turkish man paraglides to factory job

BURSA, 5 October (BelTA - Anadolu Agensy). - A factory worker in northwestern Türkiye took to the skies to make the ultimate splashy entrance: commuting to work via paragliding.

Adem Keskin, who works at a furniture factory but is also a professional paraglider, completed his preparations by going to Bursa's Mount Uludag last Saturday for his planned flight.

Keskin took off with his parachute from Kirankoy Plateau near Inegol in Uludag and made his way to the furniture factory where he works, landing some 15 kilometers (9 miles) away.

Grabbing a video of himself in the air along the way, he said: "Yes, friends, I came out of Uludag. I'm flying to the factory from (a height of) 2,230 meters (7,316 feet)."

Some of his co-workers were lucky enough to witness his showy descent, along with the factory's security cameras.

Keskin said that he has been professionally involved in paragliding for a decade.

Underlining his longtime dream of going to work by paragliding, he said, "I went to Uludag at six in the morning to achieve this goal and made my preparations. Friends who saw that I came to the factory by flying were very surprised when they saw the parachute in the air."

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