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19 July 2022, 10:39

Porcelain exhibition tracks ancient art and technology development

BEIJING, 19 July (BelTA - China Daily). - One way to feel the beauty of daily life is to appreciate the things created for everyday use, like a cup for tea or the bowl for rice. Ancient Chinese people enjoyed such pleasures and never stopped making better porcelain for their food and drinks.

The exhibition, Secrets of Porcelain, recently launched at the China Millennium Monument, unveils porcelain's history over the past thousands of years.

With five parts most representative porcelain over the five continuous dynasties, the exhibition showcases the technology development and aesthetic changes from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Despite the artificial flowers and plastic fruits in the imitations, the show smartly makes good use of lighting and decorations to create an elegant atmosphere.

The event will run through October 9.

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