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26 April 2022, 11:02

Photos explore tai chi charm


BEIJING, 26 April (BelTA - China Daily). - Tai chi, representing a dialectical philosophical view of the ancient Chinese, is a living carrier of tai chi culture.

Tai chi was included into UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage in 2020.

Li Yingjie, winner of the Golden Statue Award for China Photography, the highest award for Chinese photographers, has been dedicated to record and explore tai chi culture.

An exhibition held at the National Art Museum of China in December last year is a systematical sorting of his works in recent years, which features Li Yingjie's "Tai Chi Trilogy".

The exhibition provides an Oriental vision, and an innovative expression of Chinese culture with photos in black and white, dynamic and static, falsehoods and truth.

The first part of the trilogy records the track of the boxer in long exposure, which is unable to be caught by naked eye. The second part manifests the invisible qi (vital energy) through the language of photography.

The third part explores the starry universe with his unique photography. It is a dialogue with the nature, and a contemporary version of He Tu Luo Shu (mysterious patterns containing theory of cosmic astrology).

Let's take a look at his tai chi themed photographs.

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