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02 December 2022, 09:20

Handpan Orchestra, led by Syrian Anas al-Halabi, wins Best Integrated Orchestra Award, Dubai

DUBAI, 2 December (BelTA - SANA). - The Handpan Orchestra, led by Syrian youth, Anas al-Halabi, won the Best Integrated Orchestra Award at “Dubai Festival for Youth Music”.

The festival was organized by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, with the participation of a group of young artists and musicians.

Al-Halabi is considered the first Arab drummer to perform oriental percussion on the “Handpan” instrument, particurlly since it is Western-made and it was invented in Switzerland in 2001. The handpan is made of stainless steel and its weighs 8 kg.

In a statement to SANA reporter, al-Halabi said that the “Handpan” orchestra is the first handpan orchestra, which was established last year and it includes 82 drummers from 23 countries around the world who gathered in the United Arab Emirates.

He added that what distinguishes the handpan instrument from other musical instruments is that its sound frequency is the same as the frequency of its sound is like that of the water surrounding the fetus. Studies and research have proven that the sound of this instrument can be used in musical therapy.

Al-Halabi, who resides in the UAE said: The main goal of participating in the festival, is to “represent my country as a Syrian artist.”

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