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20 June 2022, 10:10

'Future Heroes' at Museum of the Future offers innovative experiences to new generations

DUBAI, 20 June (BelTA - Emirates News Agensy). - The Museum of the Future is combining education and entertainment at its dedicated kids' floor, encouraging young visitors to engage in beneficial activities at Dubai's iconic architectural marvel, as well as giving them the building blocks to become the city's future heroes.

Designed for children under the age of 10, the 'Future Heroes' level is a fantasy world for children focusing on future skills, aimed at encouraging young minds to make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them, with dedicated hands-on play, reward-based challenges and interactive activities.

As young visitors step into the dedicated children's zone, they are greeted by the sign "Welcome future heroes. The future needs you". From there, dedicated house managers at Future Heroes will help children choose their own avatars which best represent them, allowing them to take part in different interactive games and missions and be able to collect achievement badges and rewards for tasks completed.

While they complete the tasks within, children can even choose a cape to wear, so they can become the heroes the exhibit intends, and are handed wristbands that they use to collect digital badges during their time on the Future Heroes floor.

Future Heroes borrows from the best of what video games offer and then applies it to the real world. Each child becomes a player, exploring areas and activities, taking on challenges and collecting rewards.

Within an open world of exploration and play, children are invited to take part in educational and fun activities centred on six future-proof skills, including curiosity, creativity, confidence, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

A combination of open-ended play and focused challenges which require problem-solving and collaboration, the exhibitions' three main experiences, Imagine, Design and Build, present children with opportunities to play and to learn through activities that encourage communication, collaboration and creativity.

The Design Lab is where children can test new technologies of tomorrow. allowing them to write and draw on the walls using light. While inside the Imagine Lab, hundreds of pale blue orbs cover the walls, divided into four sense categories, touch, smell, see and hear, will enable children to determine the world around them.

Moreover at the Build Lab, children are tasked to use their imagination to create and collaborate to build something a futuristic object with the chance to win rewards.

At any given moment, the Future Heroes may be called on to participate in an urgent mission. These missions present challenges that must be overcome in a limited time. Overseen by the Museum's Future Heroes expert guides, the urgent missions encourage children to work together towards a shared goal.

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