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12 October 2022, 09:35

China expected to play greater role globally

BEIJING, 12 October (BelTA - China Daily). - The upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will chart the course for the country's development over the next five years and beyond, and international experts anticipate China will play a bigger role in global sustainability and peace efforts.

"The key theme of the international policy… would be a responsible great power," said Kitti Prasirtsuk, professor of international relations at Thailand's Thammasat University.

Besides addressing domestic issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and rural development, Kitti said he expects China will try to generate more positive outcomes as it enhances international cooperation in such areas as the Belt and Road Initiative and the environment.

The Congress will review the Party's work over the past five years and chart a course for the coming five years and beyond, while thoroughly examining the current domestic and international situation.

It will also elect a new CPC Central Committee and a new CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Kitti said he expects the Congress to touch on several key foreign policy topics, including the BRI, the global situation, the environment and soft power.

"China has been emerging as the champion of free trade, and China would like to protect the world order of free trade and globalization," Kitti said.

He pointed out there are challenges since the United States is trying to decouple the supply chain through a trade war and a technological "cold war" against China.

Through such initiatives as the BRI, China should continue to engage the global community and help generate socioeconomic advancements, especially in developing countries, said Peter T.C.Chang, deputy director of the Institute of China Studies at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur.

Chang said China can share and deploy its green technology and public health expertise to help the world become better prepared and equipped to overcome such challenges as environmental degradation and the pandemic.

"The world is undergoing a critical rebalancing of global powers, and China has a vital role in stabilizing this power transition and mitigating the risks of this tense geopolitical reconfiguration," Chang said.

While the BRI will play an important role in the international community, Ky Sereyvath, director-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia's Institute of China Studies, said a key topic to watch at the Congress is China's economic diplomacy, given the tensions surrounding the Taiwan question and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He said China should be involved in the ongoing realignment of the global system.

The Congress will provide a chance for the world to learn more about China's successes — not only in economic terms but also in governance, democracy and social welfare, said Shakeel Ahmad Ramay, CEO of the Asian Institute of Eco-civilization Research and Development in Pakistan.

China can also refine its engagement and share its values and cultural instruments to dismiss misinformation spread by some Western politicians, he said.

As for China's cooperation with neighboring countries, Sereyvath highlighted the importance of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to economic ties with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The China-Cambodia free trade agreement is a specific tie between the two countries.

"In the past decade, China's economic outreach has helped transform the economies of many countries in the Global South," said Chang from the University of Malaya.

He said China can continue to play a central role in leading and driving socioeconomic development in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly through the RCEP and the BRI.

Chang said it is important for China to stay committed to the principles of multilateralism over unilateralism, coexistence over confrontation and engagement over "deglobalization".

"Maintaining regional stability and global peace is crucial," said Chang, adding that China should remain firm and steadfast in pursuing peaceful reunification and resist being drawn into open conflict with external forces over Taiwan.

Kitti from Thammasat University said he believes China will continue to step up its efforts to protect the environment and be a responsible great power.

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