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11 July 2022, 11:20

Aroma of freshly ground Turkish coffee in ewer enchants guests in Beijing

BEIJING, 11 July (BelTA - Anadolu Agensy). - Türkiye's Yunus Emre Institute held a Turkish coffee promotion event in the Chinese capital Beijing, where guests were captivated by the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the ewer.

The event was attended by Chinese guests including industry representatives, trainers, and coffee enthusiasts and was held at Beijing's Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center.

The institute team made a presentation on the history of coffee in Türkiye, its culture, and its place in social life and human relations.

The presentation covered how Turkish coffee is made, the tools used for grinding and making it, and service elements.

After the presentation, the guests had the opportunity to smell and taste the powder of the freshly ground coffee in the ewer.

"I felt like I was not just drinking coffee, but also experiencing culture," said Guo Lijun, one of the guests.

Lydia Li, a coffee instructor, described the event as "ice-breaking."

"I have never been to Türkiye. We cover Turkish coffee in our training but to understand the depth of a country's culture, it is necessary to experience it firsthand," she remarked.

Li said she expected Turkish coffee to be darker, bitter, and predominantly cinnamon and spice in the aroma, but instead encountered a soft aroma and a fresh coffee scent.

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