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06 October 2022, 09:25

Archaeologists unearth 1,800-year-old military medal in southeastern Türkiye

ADIYAMAN, 6 October (BelTA - Anadolu Agensy). - A 1,800-year-old military medal has been unearthed in an ancient city in southeastern Türkiye, according to archaeologists.

During periodic excavations which began in 2001 in the ancient city of Perre in the Adiyaman province, archaeologists found the bronze military medal bearing the head of Medusa, a monster in the form of a woman with snakes for hair, the very sight of which would turn a person to stone.

Mehmet Alkan, director of the Adiyaman Museum, told reporters that excavations continue in the area with mosaics and in the section called the “infinity ladder.”

"The medal with a Medusa head appears as an award given to a soldier for his success,” he explained.

“It is a medal that a soldier wears on or on his shield during a military ceremony. We found an 1,800-year-old military diploma here during the excavations last year, and we also associate the medal with military service.”

​​​​​​​Perre is one of the five big cities of the ancient Greco-Iranian kingdom of Commagene.

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