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Lukashenko meets with working group to discuss new Constitution of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko took park in the extended session of the Constitutional Commission on 28 September. Summarizing the results of the discussion, he determined how and who would finalize the draft of the new Constitution before the referendum.
Lukashenko: Belarus should remain a presidential republic
“I strongly believe that Belarus should be a presidential republic if we want to retain the country. And the Belarusian People's Congress is being involved not because someone in attendance or the incumbent president is craving to lead it, but in order to maintain the system of checks and balances,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
Makei, Lavrov discuss preparations for Union State summit
The ministers also reviewed the preparations for the upcoming joint collegium meeting of the foreign ministries of Belarus and Russia, during which the parties are set to sign the program of concerted actions in foreign policy of the states - parties to the Union State Treaty for 2022–2023.
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Photo courtesy of the Economy Ministry Yaroshevich: Belarus needs to modernize its industry to remain competitive internationally
In his welcoming address to the participants of the roundtable "Belarus' Strategic Choice: Global Challenges or New Opportunities" Dmitry Yaroshevich noted that the world is on the verge of off-the-charts turbulence and volatility.
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