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16 April 2021, 09:08

Memory Train marathon kicks off in Vitebsk

Memory Train marathon kicks off in VitebskA commemorative rally took place on Victory Square in Vitebsk at 7a.m. on 6 April. Participants of the Memory Train marathon laid flowers at the Eternal Flame.

All in all, more than 3,000 schoolchildren and teachers from Vitebsk will join the marathon dedicated to the Year of National Unity. The main goal is to foster patriotism and educate children and youth about the history and culture of Belarus. The event is organized by the Vitebsk City Executive Committee and the Ilva Tourist Information Center. The program includes a visit to the Shunevka memorial complex at the site of a burnt village in Dokshitsky District. Shunevka is called a sister of Khatyn: this village was razed to the ground by a punitive team on 22 May 1943.

Photos by Aleksandr Khitrov

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