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21 November 2022, 15:03

MP: Belarus has redirected export flows from unfriendly countries to other markets

MINSK, 21 November (BelTA) – Belarus has succeeded in redirecting export flows from unfriendly countries to other markets, member of the Standing Commission on Economic Policy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Anatoly Nasenya told BelTA.

According to him, direct losses from discontinued supplies to Europe amounted to about $6 billion, yet Belarus has already made up for most of it ($5 billion) by increasing supplies to Russia and China. “We are consistently redirecting exports from unfriendly countries to other markets. Thanks to that, we have already made up for almost 80% of losses by tapping into the markets of Russia and China. The departure of international brands from Russia vacated several niches for our manufacturers. We can fill them. We are working hard on it now,” Anatoly Nasenya said.

The MP emphasized that in the conditions of blockade of Belarusian exports, Russia's infrastructure is used to transship a wide range of Belarusian goods to the markets of third countries. In just nine months, the transit of Belarusian cargo through Russian ports increased 2.2 times. “Fourteen ports of the Russian Federation are involved in handling Belarusian export cargo. Delivery schemes involving the ports of the Northwestern Federal District of Russia, the ports of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea have been worked out, as well as land routes in the direction of China.

Russia has always been the main strategic partner for Belarus, Anatoly Nasenya emphasized. In the context of the unfriendly actions by individual countries, the work on strategic economic integration has accelerated. Today the allied countries interact very closely.

"The integration model suggested by the heads of our states is working. It provides solutions to key issues. Most importantly, our enterprises and the financial system continue to operate thanks to it,” the MP is sure. “One of the latest examples is the Russian loan to finance import-substituting projects. Seven such projects worth about $330 million will be launched by the end of the year. It is important that the playing field is being leveled for Russian and Belarusian economic entities. Russia will get the necessary components and goods that it previously imported from the West, and our enterprises will have a good order intake. We need to harness this opportunity very quickly.”

The MP also believes that the policy of the collective West towards the Union State is primarily aimed at destabilizing the economy. "The West's goals and plans are clear. The economy is at the heart of them. This is where they hit. With their short-sighted and senseless actions, they have brought the global economy to a crisis. Early this year they shot themselves in the foot. Now we can talk about a shot in the head. Just read the news in Western press how they ‘have benefited' from the restrictions against Russian energy sources. We see a similar situation with food. This winter will show who was right and who was wrong. I think citizens of these countries are yet to ‘thank' their politicians," Anatoly Nasenya added.

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