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05 February 2024, 16:37

Governor: Trade between Kamchatka, Belarus has significant potential for growth

MINSK, 5 February (BelTA) - Trade between Kamchatka Territory and Belarus has significant potential for growth, Governor of Russia's Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodov told reporters following the talks with Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Parkhomchik in Minsk on 5 February, BelTA has learned.

"Our trade has significant growth potential. Kamchatka is not just the most remote region of the Russian Federation and a center for the production of water and biological resources. Today it is the region for the country’s megaprojects related to the priority development of the Far East, for example, such as the development of the Northern Sea Route. The Northern Sea Route is already a competitive route and can prove important for the logistics of the Republic of Belarus," Vladimir Solodov said.

"We have agreed to work together on such projects as port facilities, logistics centers, end-to-end logistics. We will work to make it as seamless as possible, without intermediaries. First of all, this applies to the supply of fish products, aquatic and biological resources from Kamchatka. Here we focus on increasing the assortment, volumes and, most importantly, on quality. Fish products, like no other, are sensitive to compliance with the temperature regime," he said.

In turn, Kamchatka Territory is interested in the supply of dairy products and agricultural products from Belarus. "These products from Belarus do not need promotion. They are already in demand among our people. We will work to reduce the transport time and speed up these deliveries as much as possible," the governor said.

"In addition, the key area of cooperation is the supply of farm machines and heavy-duty mining equipment, construction of maintenance centers in the Far East. We agreed on this today at a meeting in the government. The Industry Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to modifying certain models of vehicles for our special conditions. For example we need crawler harvesters and other heavy farm machines or mining equipment," Vladimir Solodov said.

According to him, Kamchatka is a key region in terms of tourism. "We see the growing popularity of our region among residents of the Russian Federation. But it is important for us to attract more travelers from our neighbors as well. The Republic of Belarus is a priority area of work for us in this regard. We are creating additional conditions and facilities for receiving tourists in Kamchatka. Our region is especially attractive among those who are interested in ecology," he said. “Belarus also attracts more and more of our residents in terms of historical, educational, patriotic and health tourism. We will step up cooperation in this area."

"The areas that we have mapped out today are of a practical nature. They will help us to capitalize on the results that we have already achieved. Following our visit, we will approve a new roadmap and appoint the point men for cooperation on both sides. Our task is to ensure the development of bilateral, mutually beneficial relations that will help increase trade, create added value and new jobs. We very much appreciate the cooperation with the Republic of Belarus," the governor added.
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